Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Assisted Living and Senior Housing?

Oak Ridge Assisted Living is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health. We provide 3 meals served daily, 24-hour health care staff, and a variety of home health care services and activities. Oak Ridge Assisted Living has nurses on staff. However, because Oak Ridge is NOT a nursing home, we do not have nurses working 24 hours/day. However, Resident Assistants who are trained by our nurses are staffed 24 hours/day. Nurses are on site during the week and are on-call during evenings and weekend.

Is the rent based on income?

Oak Ridge Assisted Living has all-inclusive packages so the monthly fee includes not just the rent, but also all the meals and 24-hour home health care services. Assisted Livings will cost more than Independent Senior Housing because one pays for rent, meals, services, and utilities in one fee. On the other hand, assisted livings will cost thousands less per month than nursing homes.

Residents pay the “private pay” amount. However, Oak Ridge Assisted Living accepts county programs (for example, Elderly Waiver, CADI). These programs are based on income/assets and the need for services. For more information on these programs, contact Oak Ridge Assisted Living or your local county public health or social services department.

What is the process if someone wants to move into Oak Ridge Assisted Living?

Please contact Oak Ridge at 651-438-0418 to schedule a tour and meet with the Housing Coordinator. Move-in criteria and care needs will be discussed. If someone meets the criteria, a nursing assessment will be scheduled with an Oak Ridge nurse. The nurse will determine if Oak Ridge Assisted Living can provide the specific care and services the prospect needs. If so, the nurse will then request the prospect’s primary care physician (or a local physician if out-of-area) to complete Oak Ridge’s Admission Orders. A prospect should have had an annual physical conducted within the past year.

Everyone has been pleasant to me and I am happy living here! Thank you for all your service and being available when needed. I feel very cared for! Resident

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